HeyTap is a comprehensive global Internet services platform with a range of products on the market, including an App Market, Game Center and Browser. Operated by Singapore-based company Bravo Unicorn Pte. Ltd, HeyTap provides services to over 440 million users across more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. Emerging as a solution for the era of IoT and intelligent connectivity, HeyTap is committed to becoming the user-preferred Internet services brand of the future.

Products & Services

HeyTap Account

A great way to start! HeyTap Account provides users with an authoritative identification tag. By registering and logging in to their HeyTap account, users can enjoy diverse products and services provided by the HeyTap platform.

HeyTap Health

A health & fitness app that can pair and manage various smart devices. HeyTap Health tracks your workouts, daily steps, and generates personal reports to help you fully understand your progress. It can also pair with various smart wearable devices to manage watch faces and sync notifications. When paired with smart wearable devices, HeyTap Health keeps paying attention to your health by recording and visualizing your health data such as daily activities, heart rate and sleep data.

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